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Skim-pak's patented technology separates our Skimmers and Decanters from the competition.

The competitive advantages of skim-pak

  • No recurring costs
  • Maintains a skim in real-world conditions (unlike round weirs or manually adjusted weirs)
  • 360º surface attraction (unlike “oilophilic skimmers” such as drums, belt, and rope units which only adhere to the oil they happen to touch—often the movement of the device actually drives the oil away)
  • Minimal or no maintenance
  • Easy installation: new or retrofit
  • Simple to use
  • Long term reliability

skim-pak Technology and Deployments

There are two challenges in specifying a skim-pak skimming system: the first is choosing the type and size of the skimmer head, and the second is choosing how the skimmer is to be deployed.

There are three distinct skimmer head technologies available to skim-pak customers

  • Flow Control Weir
  • Fixed Weir
  • Smart Skimmer

Flow Control Skimmer

The Flow Control skim-pak creates a skim with 360º attraction for 100% removal of surface product—including foams, oil, chemicals, and debris—with minimal underlying liquid. The body of the skim-pak skimmer floats on the surface and follows the liquid level changes. Inside the skimmer there is an independent and self-adjusting floating weir. Upon initial installation, the skimmer sump will fill. When the skimmer is turned "on"—either by pumping or by gravity drain—an equal amount of liquid is drawn into the skimmer over the weir. The weir will create a skim equal to the rate that the sump is evacuated. The weir will continually and automatically adjust to maintain the skim. A higher flow rate will result in a thicker "cut" of the surface. A lower flow rate will result in a thinner "cut" of the surface. The flow rate can even be adjusted so that just the carrier fluid required to move the product and no more is recovered.

Fixed Weir Skimmer—Oil Only

The Fixed Weir skim-pak is designed to remove floating product only with no underlying liquids. This skim-pak skimmer works on the principle of specific gravity. The skim-pak floats at the surface of the liquid following the level changes. As oil accumulates, it falls into the skimmer sump. The system continually removes the accumulation of oil, and will leave a predetermined cap of oil behind.

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Smart Skimmer

The Smart Skimmer combines the advantages of both the Flow Control and Fixed Weir technologies. The smart skimmer will automatically detect, engage, separate, and recover oil from storm and wastewater. No additional separator is required.

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Once the size and type of skimmer head are determined, the next step is determining how the skimmer is to be deployed. In general, skimmers used for portable emergency response are deployed using hose and hose floats. Permanent tank installations usually require pipe swing arms. skim-pak designs each deployment to the requirements of the customer's specific application.

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